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Barrett Watson is a highly-respected professional breeder with an international reputation for rearing parrots of superb quality.

A published author on the subject, his expertise is based on over 30 years’ experience, and his customers include bird parks, zoos, breeders, and private clients.

Welcome to Barrett Watson Parrots where you can discover more about the wonderful array of parrots that I breed - African Greys, Cockatoos, Keas, and of course Macaws.

I take enormous pride in personally rearing high-quality parrots; each has the very best start in life in a spacious aviary in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and receives expert care and attention during this time.

I care deeply for all of my birds, and offer a continuous after-sales service to ensure that both you and your new parrot are happy together, which means you can make your selection with complete confidence.

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I hope you enjoy finding out more about these amazing and beautiful birds.

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NOTE: I only use the contact details listed on the left; if you are contacted by any other means, beware, you are being scammed.

Please mail me for availability; I can arrange delivery within the UK, but export beyond the UK must be arranged by the buyer.

Guide prices per bird are as follows...

African Grey Parrot £800

Blue and Gold Macaw £1,250

Green-Winged Macaw £1,500

Military Macaw £1,200

Scarlet Macaw £1,800

Blue-Throated Macaw £3,000

Buffon Macaw £4,000

Hyacinth Macaw £15,000

Moluccan Cockatoo £2,000

Yellow-Crested Cockatoo £900

Eastern Long-Billed Corella £1,200

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo / Leadbeater’s Cockatoo £3,000

Blue-Eyed Cockatoo £3,000

Kea £3,000



Barrett Watson Parrots